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Why blog for us?

That knowing nod that comes from seeing the feelings and thoughts you are experiencing, written in someone else’s words can be extremely reassuring.

Blog posts also help raise awareness of depression and stamp out stigma, the very two things we are passionate about.

What should I write about?

Your experiences. Some ideas are – how you’ve been affected by depression, your recovery, the stigma  or how it has felt to support someone with depression….

How do I submit a post?

Please email email the following:

Your blog post – we prefer not to stipulate a word count as we want your post to flow freely. There’s nothing worse than having a target and not being able to reach it or going over it and trying to figure out which bits to omit.

A photo – we appreciate you might not feel comfortable submitting a photo of you for the whole world to see so any photo which you have taken is fine by us.

Any further information – it might be that you would like us to link to a personal blog or Twitter feed. If so, please include the URL at the bottom of your post.





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