The Blurt Foundation is a user-led community interest company which exists to support, help and inspire those affected by depression who may have lost belief in themselves, and hope for the future.

We do this by; offering comprehensive, free, online resources which provide easy to understand information on depression, engaging in a lively and successful social media presence and by providing a closed online Facebook group where your peers, and Blurt mentors are an ear for those needing someone to listen to or connect with at a time in their lives when they feel lonely and frightened and when they don’t know where else to go for help.

Founded in 2011, The Blurt Foundation, came about as a result of personal experience and a passionate desire to create a different, more hopeful, experience for others.

The CIC also exists to engage with medical practitioners, employers and companies in the community to burst the stigma of depression and work to educate and support them to reach a greater understanding and empathy for those affected by depression.

Here’s snapshot of Blurt at the beginning of 2013:

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